How you can help?

Community and Donation Support

Thank you to all who helped!

Restaurant Operators

We are looking for support from more local restaurants. Contact us at to discuss options. We already have a few partners:

** Please note that while we will do our best effort to serve as many people as we can, but it's possible we may run out of food before 8pm and we apologize for that. We hope to adjust our allocations accordingly as we learn the transit habits in that stretch of the highway.

Corporate Sponsors

These businesses have donated to help the cause. If your business would like to make a donation and get your logo here contact us at to discuss options.

Based in Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick, Canada with salmon farming operations in Atlantic Canada, the United States, Chile and Scotland, as well as seabass and seabream farming operations in Spain.

Building solutions to help IPTV operators achieve immediate, continuous cost and risk reduction.

Providing a strong, regional voice on behalf of the salmon farming industry

For all your sign and graphics needs

Other COVID19 Support Programs

There are many communities that need your help. You may also want to visit other Covid-19 support programs.

‘Tired and grumpy and not fed’: Drive-thru indignities frustrate truckers during coronavirus pandemic.

As the country has imposed strict guidelines around social distancing and restaurants, long-haul truckers have been struggling to find basic services like food, showers and bathrooms.

On the rise: Flour demand higher as Canadians turn to baking as welcome respite.

The baking trend has enjoyed a rise on social media over the last month as bakers show off their wares with Instagram posts and connect with others via Facebook community groups.