We wanted to give you one final update on our project. We managed to raise near $8000, and allowed us to operate for over 2 weeks. Which is good, since we’ve seen a decrease in the number of truckers stopping over the last week. But for good reasons actually, it seems that some order is finally get in place and it’s getting easier for them to find spots for food and properly managed their schedule accordingly to take advantage of it. Our service helped them get over this critical bump in lack of resources, so we are very happy and proud of this 😊

At the same time, our program gave a shot in the arm to the local restaurant industry as well, not to mention that any/all of the extra meals got donated daily to other critical front-line workers (Hospitals, police force, homeless shelters, etc). The program has reached it’s end, as the funds are out, but we wanted to thank you all for your trust and support in helping us put together this project. You wouldn’t believe how much impact this has had on the entire community, bringing a smile to their faces in these difficult times.

Thank you again for everything!


Gino Dion